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Here at LSR Refrigeration, we can provide a complete range of essential equipment and systems to all kinds of businesses. Whatever kind of refrigeration in Preston you are looking for, we are here to help. We can install a full range of refrigeration solutions to businesses across the North-West. Without reliable refrigeration systems, business will be unable to store perishable products. As such, fridges, freezers and bespoke cold rooms are absolutely essential.

Whether you’re looking for industrial fridges, refrigerated display units or reliable cold counters, LSR is here for you. We ensure that our clients have access to the perfect refrigeration system for their needs. Whatever kinds of perishable products you need to store, whether it be food, drink or other materials, get in touch today.

The LSR Refrigeration team is made up of F Gas Compliant engineers. Our experts are able to install a complete range of cooling and chilling systems to suit your needs. Our engineers can install fridges, freezers and other equipment for commercial and industrial businesses of all kinds. For reliable refrigeration in Preston from a company you can trust, choose LSR.

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A Complete Range of Equipment and Systems for Refrigeration in Preston

LSR Refrigeration can deliver and install all manner of chilling equipment  and general refrigeration in Preston. Some of the industry-leading cooling systems that we provide include:

  • Retail Fridges and Freezers – Retail fridges and freezers are able to store more than domestic models. These reliable systems can be used to store all manner of perishable products. They are a popular choice for use in cafés, diners, takeaways and some smaller restaurants.
  • Cold Rooms – Cold rooms are essential areas which are designed to store large quantities and diverse types of perishable products. As these cold rooms are bespoke, they will be designed with your needs in mind. Each cold room will be designed to the perfect size and shape for your business. Cold rooms are essential for any business or facility with large amount of perishable products to store. As such, they are a popular choice for busy restaurants.
  • Cold Counters – Cold counters are a popular kind of refrigeration in Preston. They are a common sight in delis, cafés, coffee shops and market stalls. They are used to keep perishable food at the right temperature without hiding it away. Cold counters are used to display perishable products to the customers.
  • Reliable Ice Machines – Ice machines will provide a constant and reliable source of ice. They are popular in restaurants and cafés. In addition to keeping drinks cool during the summer, these ice machines can be used in other facilities. For example, ice is commonly used as a packing ingredient for perishable products.
  • Refrigerated Display Cabinets – Refrigerated display cabinets are a popular choice for use in all kinds of businesses. These refrigerated display cabinets can be used to display all kinds of perishable products. They are particularly popular in restaurants and cafés to display examples of dessert options, such as perishable cakes.

Industry-Leading Refrigeration in Preston and the Surrounding Areas

Whatever style of refrigeration equipment or chilling systems you might require, we are here for you. Our refrigeration engineers have been trained to be F Gas Compliant. As such, you can trust us to install refrigeration equipment as quickly and safely as possible.

Refrigeration Systems For Businesses in Preston & The North West

As part of our complete refrigeration installation services, we can provide a range of cooling and chilling systems to suit our customers’ needs. We can help businesses of all shapes and sizes to find the perfect cooling solution for their needs. Just some of the businesses that are able to benefit from our high-quality refrigeration in Preston can include:

  • Retail Outlets, such as:
    • Coffee Shops.
    • Cafés.
    • Restaurants.
    • Takeaways.
    • High-Street Stores.
    • Shopping Centres and Supermarkets.
    • Canteens and Diners.
  • Commercial Spaces, like:
    • Offices and Shared Offices.
    • Showrooms and Display Rooms.
  • Industrial Facilities, including:
    • Warehouses and Factories.
    • Abattoirs.
    • Food Packaging Plants.
  • Schools and Colleges.
  • Hospitals and Medical Centres.
  • Airports, Bus and Train Station Cafés.

If your business or facilities requires industry-leading refrigeration in Preston, get in touch with our team today. LSR’s engineers can deliver anything from bespoke cold rooms to cold counters and retail refrigeration shelving.

Bespoke Refrigeration Installation in Preston and Across the North-West

Here at LSR Refrigeration, we can install industry-leading cooling systems. Our specialist team can install cold counters, cold rooms and high-quality fridges and freezers to suit your needs.

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Specialised Maintenance and Servicing for Refrigeration

In addition to installing new cooling systems, we can also deliver long-term maintenance. Our engineers will ensure that your chilling equipment works as effectively as possible. This can prevent your business from losing money due to perishable products. Our experienced team can work to diagnose any issues your system might be suffering from. In addition to diagnosing issues, we can also provide long-term maintenance and servicing to suit your needs.

Our F Gas Complaint team can provide industry-leading repairs, maintenance and servicing to a wide range of cooling and chilling systems. We can prevent you from losing money due to perishing stock and ensure that your refrigeration in Preston continue to operate at their peak efficiency.

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For Complete Refrigeration in Preston and Across the North-West, Call LSR Refrigeration Today

Here at LSR, we can deliver a variety of systems for refrigeration in Preston. Whether you’re looking for reliable chilling equipment in the form of cold counter, cold rooms or retail fridges/freezers, we are here to help. Don’t forget, we offer a full range of cooling solutions in your area in addition to refrigeration, including but not limited to air conditioning in Preston, cold rooms, cold counters, and more!

You can talk to our experienced team directly by calling 01925 413 925 today. If you prefer, you can also send any questions or concerns through our simple online contact form below. Our specialist team of refrigeration engineers will get back to you as soon as we can.

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